Friday, August 15, 2014

Baseball Cards of Fictional Ballplayers

Hello, it has been 1 1/2 years since my last blog....but recently my youngest daughter discovered that Daddy had a baseball card blog, and she is asking me to put up some more of my custom cards. She and I watch a lot of old movies together, so we decided today's blog would share my custom cards of fictional ballplayers from movies and TV.

My favorite Baseball movie is The Natural, so here is a 1940 Playball Roy Hobbs:

Or how about a 1933 Goudey Bump Bailey:
And also from The Natural, here is a 1933 Goudey card of "The Whammer":

 Of course, you can't overlook Bull Durham. I have seen other fantasy cards of Crash Davis, but how about a Crash Davis 1968 Topps rookie card from his "cup of coffee" in the big leagues:
 If you liked Bull Durham, how about the lessor known 1987 HBO movie Long Gone. In the movie, Stud Cantrell talks about his time in the big leagues before being injured in the war, so here is a 1941 Playball Stud Cantrell:

My daughter's favorite Baseball movie is A League of Their Own, here is a 1933 Goudey Jimmy Dougan:
I always also liked the 1976 movie
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, here are some 1933 styled cards of Bingo Long and Leon Carter:
Don't forget TV, here is my 1976 Topps Sam Malone card from Cheers:
The great Kevin Costner has made a few great baseball movies, here is a 1984 Topps Billy Chapel from For Love of the Game:
My 1985 Topps Stan Ross from the 2004 movie Mr 3000:
My 1987 Topps Jack Elliot from the 1992 movie Mr. Baseball:
There are lots of fantasy cards out there for the Major League movie and it's sequel, here is my 1989 Topps Ricky Vaughan:
Here is my 2002 Topps Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down (no, this isn't one I let my daughter watch):
Way back in the 1930's, Joe E. Brown made a few baseball movies. If you ever saw Alibi Ike or Elmer, The Great - then you will enjoy my 1933 Goudey Frank Farrell:
Billy Crystal never played a baseball player in a movie, but he did get a pre-season at bat with the Yankees and he is an here is my 1960 Topps Billy Crystal:

And finally, 2 of my favorite cards sets are 1956 Topps and the 1961 Fleer greats - so here are a couple more Roy Hobbs cards:

Come back again, I will try not to wait so long before my next post!