Thursday, September 20, 2012

All-Time Greats in 1956 Topps style

The 1956 set was the first issue by Topps without competition from Bowman, and the designers at Topps did not disappoint. The 1956 set includes a close up portrait of the player as well as an action shot in the background and is one of the most beautiful baseball card designs ever released.

Two years later, Topps began the practice of including sub-sets in their releases. Cards featuring All-Stars, MVP's, World Series highlites, league leaders and former Hall of Famers became staples of Topps sets. However, there were no cards like this yet in the 1956 set - and I always wondered, "What-If they had made a Babe Ruth card in the 1956 Topps set?"

So, here I present what it might have looked like if Topps had included a sub-set of All-Time Greats in the 1956 set:


  1. What a great set of cards that would be. WOW I agree that 1956 set is one of the best ever. But wow, it would be awesome to have this kind of subset. What a beautiful display - good job

  2. Just stumbled across this blog. It's really great.